How Can Cycling Help With Weight Loss?

How Can Cycling Help With Weight Loss?

No matter if you’re a seasoned rider or a novice cyclist, turning those pedals on your bike will do wonders for your body. It’s a well-known fact that cycling activates a whole range of muscles in your body, making them look chiseled and trim. However, not many see cycling as the go-to exercise for losing weight and fat. This shouldn’t be the case since research has shown a great deal of success in that area. Let’s start with the basics.

When cycling, the core of your body and the lower body muscles are engaged at all times. Since most of the body fat nestles around stomach, glutes and waist, activating those precise areas with cycling is bound to yield results. Shedding pounds is not easy at all, and just cycling won’t do much good if it is not backed by other actions as well.

Stay Away From Junk Food and Alcohol

Only in a combination with a proper diet can cycling give the best results. Try to schedule your eating by making a plan of the food you will consume throughout the day. The diet that is rich in protein and carbs, with less than 20 % fat, stands for the balance you should strive to achieve. If you are not confident that your plan is adequate, consult a nutritionist. Work together with experts to help them compile enough data for a personal meal plan. Also, staving off alcohol will only bolster the expected progress. Besides, alcohol has a negative impact on muscle growth and is therefore unwanted.

Ride Every Day

There is no better way of saying it, but to make cycling do the trick, you have to ride and ride again. Bear in mind that each day is good for cycling and try to incorporate that in your daily routine. Make sure to use your bicycle not only for recreation but also as a means of transport. Gear up with all the essentials and ride to your workplace and school on a daily basis. Such an approach guarantees the desired results.

Change the Routes and Distances

Now that you have made particular progress, you need to set the bar higher to achieve even better results. Changing your routes and distances is an effective way of testing your limits and making rides more interesting. Of course, you don’t want your odometer to show Tour-de-France-worth lengths, but more distance covered each day will have the right impact.


Cycling is an excellent way of reducing your weight and body fat. You will tone your muscles and feel energized with each new day you spend on riding your bike. Cycling beats your regular gym in more ways than one, and it can prove to be as enjoyable as your next sporting activity, if not more.  

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