Electric Bikes – Will They Take Over the Future?

Electric Bikes – Will They Take Over the Future?

People love to cycle. Some do it as an afternoon activity while others do it to commute. Professionals do cycling for the thrill of it and as a job, after all. There are various reasons as to why people cycle but all of them have one thing in common, people on bicycles.

Tech companies are always looking for the next big thing, from inventing new apps to make your life easier, to providing you with the verified William Hill promo code for your next bet. Companies have noted this rise in cycling and annual purchase of bicycles and have taken steps to increase their sales. That includes electric bicycles. They have started selling a lot lately. The question which is on everyone’s mind is whether they will take over and whether they are the future? The answer is not binary, however.

Commuters Love Electric Bikes – A Commuter’s Paradise

People who do not want to spend money on a car, or haven’t as much, often sit on a bicycle and go to work. After work, some people are really tired and pedalling uphill can be a nuisance even when you are rested. When tired, people often do not want to pedal as much so this is where electric bikes come in handy.

If a motor can take over for you for just ten seconds or assist you in your pedalling, things get a lot more different. You can still have your normal pace and cadence uphill, without sacrificing much of the speed. Electric bikes are bought by commuters primarily and with a good reason.

Electric Bikes Still Cost Too Much – The Question of Value

For someone who goes to work on a bicycle, having an electric motor certainly helps. Such a bicycle will pay for itself in no time at all. But, for people who ride simply for the pleasure of it, purchasing an electric bicycle is a waste of money. Chances are that people who ride bicycles as a hobby enjoy the stress and muscle pain which comes with going fast or uphill.

Once the prices go down, people might start looking at them as an interesting way to get around, people who like cycling, but as a tertiary hobby.

Professionals Will not Touch Them – It’s All About the Muscles

If electric bikes still have commuters as the only real customers, then their future is looking to be on hold until their prices drop. Professionals do not need electric bikes as there are no competitions where electric bikes are used.

The Future of Cycling Will be Mixed

There are no indicators to suggest that electric bikes will take over. While they are used by commuters and some richer individuals, they still have no place with regular consumers who like bicycles. Hobbyists purchase actual bicycles and professionals have very expensive and specific needs, none of which include an electric motor.

Electric bikes will be here, but alongside regular ones.

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