Your Smartphone is Your Biggest Ally on Long-Distance Cycles

Your Smartphone is Your Biggest Ally on Long-Distance Cycles

Cycling can take you anywhere, and you should be prepared for that. What that means is that you can end up in a foreign country with no way of communication other than your mobile phone. Your mobile phone can do lots of things, even more when you take into account that we are living in a world where even budget phones are powerful enough to do things which were considered a bad joke a decade ago and a myth two decades ago, which does not only include getting the Ladbrokes code. Carry your phone with you when you go cycling. Here are a couple of reasons why your phone is your biggest ally on long cycling runs.

GPS – You Can Always Find Your Way

This is something you should always consider, even in foreign countries. GPS can help you find your way to the nearest town or even village, depending on where you are. If traveling abroad, then realize that you will most likely need offline maps. Luckily, there are plenty of applications which offer offline maps, free of charge.

Also consider cycling-specific applications as they have routes and maps which are optimized for a bicycle. You can also download user-made routes and use them as a great way of finding your way, especially when going off road or far from a city. GPS can also help you find your way back, should you end up being lost, or in the worse case scenario, help someone find you. Location sharing is really simple today.

Emergency Calls – Should They Really Be Needed

No matter where you end up being, emergency calls are allowed, even if you do not connect to a foreign carrier. Emergency calls are not something any of us ever wants to make, but should a situation warrant such a thing, you can easily contact someone if you have your phone with you.

Maintenance and Repair Shops – They are Necessary

Let’s say your last spare gets blown to bits. You will need another one. Looking up local bicycle shops can save you a lot of time. You can even find the one closest to you or look up reviews and find one which has a good rating and a fair price. If you haven’t the time to be picky, then the nearest one should be highlighted on your map. With your GPS ready to go, you should be well on your way to the shop, even if you have to push or carry your bicycle.

You can Connect to Other Cyclists – A Cycling Run Turned Social Visit

Connecting with people is always a nice thing, especially when it happens spontaneously, on a cycling run. If you have your phone with you, you can exchange numbers or social media accounts and stay connected. Meeting someone does not have to be a single, once in a lifetime opportunity nowadays.

Cycling, long runs, specifically, require some equipment. Your phone is an essential part of that and should always be with you, armed with the necessary applications for the trip.

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