Most popular cycling races around the world

Most popular cycling races around the world

There are many cycling races around the world, so it is not an easy task to single out the most popular one. In fact, there are many criteria for choosing the most popular one. Cycling is becoming a more and more popular sport to the point of people actively following the different kinds of races and betting on their favorites. Cheltenham betting offers for 2019 have brought a lot of attention to this relaxing sport, so it is no wonder so many people are excited to know more about the different kinds of races.

Let’s start with the most challenging races. In Europe, the most challenging race is the Transcontinental Race. This annual race spans whole Europe and it involves covering a distance between 3,200 and 4,200 km, which takes about 7 to 10 days. In 2018, the race started in Belgium and ended in Greece, which involved about 3,900 km.

What makes this race so popular and exciting is the fact that the participants do not follow a fixed route, but they have to find the best route from the beginning to the end by themselves. They don’t get any help from their friends, family or other competitors.

This kind of races is not specific to Europe. There is a similar race in Asia called the Hero MTB Himalaya, which take place across the mountains of Himachal Pradesh in India once a year. The participants cover a distance of up to 650 km at a height of 2200 meters. The race involves cycling for 8 days through mud, sand and even rivers.

However, the Hero MTB Himalaya is not the most challenging ultra-distance race. This spot is reserved for the Race Across America, which spans 3000 miles or 4,800 km. It has been held for 36 years and it has attracted cyclists from over 35 countries.

What makes this race so challenging is the fact that it is not divided into stages, meaning that the participants must cycle nonstop. All competitors that dare participate in this race must push themselves to the limits if they want to win.

The difficulty of a race is not the only reason for making it popular. There are many races that don’t primarily focus on competition.

In July 2018, there was a race in Glacier National Park in Montana and Canada that involved cycling, hiking and rafting. The aim of this race was raising awareness of the importance of developing green technology.

In December 2018, the people of San Francisco organized a race that was partially a food drive. The participants had to get food and deliver it to warehouses to help people in need.

All in all, cycling is more than just a sport. People have different motives for joining races, so it can be concluded that the most popular races are those that help you grow as a person and make you feel good about yourself.

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