Adding Google Analytics to Customizr 26

Here’s a quick snippet to add Google Analytics tracking’s code to your website.

Where to copy/paste this code? => in your functions.php file of a child theme. I strongly recommend you create a child theme. Download a start-up child theme here.

Everything you need to know about child theme with Customizr here.



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My name is Nicolas Guillaume (nikeo). I am the developer of the WordPress Customizr Theme. This website is a discussion platform, your comments are welcome!

26 thoughts on “Adding Google Analytics to Customizr

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    ben boldt

    Can the alternative method of adding the google code in the header section be used? If it can what need to be done?

    Thank you

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    ben boldt

    Hello again, My site using the customizr theme is a subdomain of another site. The subdomain site does not have the “function.php” file showing. Can the google meta tag still be added somewhere so that the site can be verified?

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    I had done what you put on this post and when I save the functions.php with the new code the page can not be uploaded, and I can´t access to the wp-admin. I don´t know what happenned. Please I need some quick help, I am a little bit worried.

    Thank you so much.

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      Nicolas Post author

      Hi Paula, there must have been some error in the code : upload a new clean version of your functions.php to your server.
      Hope this will help.
      PS : if you still have issues :
      1) always make a backup of your files before starting to develop.
      2) please continue this discussion on the WordPress forum

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    My website is I followed the code snippet by nikeo, and cannot seem to get tracking installed. Here is the code, placed in a functions.php child theme:

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    Stamatis Kanatas

    Hello!Since i upload my site from localhost to internet host i cant edit the functions.php file because i dont have the permissions…What goes wrong?

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    Could someone add a more detailed example of where to add the code in the functions.php file? I’m not very knowledgeable in .php. Thanks!

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    Hi Nicolas, could you update to say “Use the following code in the functions.php file of your child theme:”
    Someone on the forum tried adding it to the theme’s function.php.

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    I”m so confused! I’m just a layman with a dream. Hi Nicolas – thanks for your beautiful theme. I love it – though I’m not using it to its full potential I’m sure. I”m writing because my site does not come up when you google Brooklyn Arts for Kids – I have tried to verify and do what Webmaster Tools suggested but nothing is working. Help! I don’t know where to add tags to a page or how to easily alert Google of our whereabouts. Thanks for any and all help. With best wishes, ebwally

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    Thanks Nicolas I’ve spent half a day scouring the net trying work out how to get verified. I should’ve came here for advice first. ;)

    Can I use the same snippet for Bing and Alexa?

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    Rick Cantu

    Hello. Newbie at HTML here. I added the following to header.php as Google wanted me to add (and maintain) the code below in the header section of my website for domain verification purposes. When I added the code as shown below, the text boxes in the sliders were thrown out of position (they were no longer appearing centered). Once I removed the code, everything looked normal again. What am I doing wrong? I played with some plugins that were supposed to lead to Google reading meta tags on my site but they didn’t work. Thanks for your help!

    ***CODE ADDED***


    * The Header for Customizr.
    * Displays all of the section and everything up till
    * @package Customizr
    * @since Customizr 1.0

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    Sean Smith

    Does the same go for using the Google Webmaster Tools code for verifying ownership of a website? Should I use the same code and just replace the analytics … with the ?

    Google Webmaster Tools tells me to place the within the of my homepage. But of course the head is added to the header.php via a hook in Customizr theme so I’m not exactly sure where to put this code.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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      Nicolas Post author

      Hi Sean, I confirm that you can use the same snippet to handle the Webmaster Tools verification.

      You can just add the conditional code to display this code only on home page, with the Customizr built-in helper : tc__f(‘__is_home’).


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